Day 19 – wedding day

Ready for the big day

We woke up this morning and it WAS raining. I was still praying that it would clear up and be nice for Toni and Elisabeth getting their pictures taken. Elisabeth was already getting her make-up done when we came up to the living room and later someone was coming to get her hair done. Toni was having breakfast. I asked him whether he was getting the jitters, yet, and he said he was ok, but maybe he was getting just a little bit nervous. So far he hasn’t had the time to really think about it.

The two princesses

Rilyn and I got some breakfast as well and soon my mom and sister came a little bit before 11am, as well as Michi and the couple’s driver. Michi brought Rilyn her birthday present, since she wasn’t able to come yesterday.

Off to the wedding

Toni and Elisabeth left with the driver and photographer to get their pictures taken and unfortunately it just started raining a little more again. They were hoping to get some outside shots done, but the weather wasn’t too agreeable. Hopefully they’ll still turn out really pretty.

Rilyn and I got ready when they came back and it was getting time to go to the courthouse. The ceremony started around 1:30.

Roses and sunflowers

Ready to say the vows

When we got there, there were a lot of people gathered already. We finally met up with my other brother Erhard, too, and they were really fond of Rilyn from the beginning. She seemed to take to them quite rapidly, as well, and didn’t mind sitting with them throughout the ceremony, while I recorded it and took lots of pictures. Everyone piled into the room and the couple and the bridesmaid and groomsman sat together. I recorded the part when they took their vows – just to make sure we had proof my brother wouldn’t later change his mind 🙂

After the ceremony everyone was offered a glass of champagne or orange juice to seal the vows. Afterward they walked back downstairs and just before that everyone had lined up along the wall and held up either a rose or sunflower to make a little archway for them to walk under and people were blowing bubbles as they were walking down the hallway. They were really surprised and loved the idea. Another round of champagne was passed out and people got to hang out with them for a little while.

Bride and groom table

My sister, mom, Rilyn and I, and my other brother and his family left at that time and went to the restaurant where the celebration would take place to prepare the next couple of activities. Soon after that everyone else got there.

And the winner gets the ride

Cutting out the heart

The couple was given a pair of scissors each and they had to cut out their side of a huge heart painted on a bed sheet. The other carried the one who was done faster over the threshold. Lucky for Elisabeth that she picked the bigger pair of scissors hidden behind my nieces back. She had some kitchen scissors, while my brother had a tiny pair of nail scissors. Needless to say she won 🙂


Unfortunately it rained most of the time off and on and it was pretty cold, but at least people stayed together inside and mingled and talked. A few games were played and then we had some cake and coffee. My mom had baked and brought 3 cakes of her own, all of which are amazing. All the cakes were so good we just about ran out. But no fear, around 7pm a barbecue buffet was offered for the whole wedding party of about 70 people. It is the custom in Germany to have at least two meals during a wedding celebration. Again, it was delicious.

After dinner a DJ came and the couple danced a wedding waltz to “Que sera, sera”. After that the dance floor was opened to everyone. Well, dance floor is to be taken very lightly, there was not too much of a floor left, since space had already been pretty personal, and once people started flocking toward the middle of the room what was supposed to be the dance floor, you had better not be claustrophobic. It was a very fun atmosphere and people mingled and got to know each other – on purpose or no later than when they jabbed their elbow into your side on the dance floor 🙂

Dancing with the bride

Hanging out with her cousins

Rilyn was all about her “cousins” Nicki and Annabelle and loved having them drag her around wherever she bid them go. She loved dancing and she danced with both the bride and the groom.

During the night we lit sparklers and turned off the lights and the couple danced in the glow. Rilyn was getting really tired as the night went on, but since the party was in full swing, she thought she must participate to the very end. A song came on that she knew and she wanted to go dance again, so we did. After a couple of songs she was tired of it so we went back to the table and she snuggled with me until she fell asleep.

Lighted balloons

Before most people left, they released 3 huge clusters of lighted helium balloons into the night. It was so neat watching their glow rise into the sky and disappear in the distance. We left right after that – it was already 1:30 am.

With my “little brother”

It was so neat watching my brother throughout the evening and to see how much fun he had. We have always been really close and so it meant a lot to me to see him so happy and having fun. It meant a lot to me, too, to see how some people went out of their way to do something nice for them and I was very happy for both of them – in spite of the rain it was a beautiful wedding.

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Day 18 – Rilyn’s birthday

Silly birthday pictures

Rilyn turned around in bed this morning, gave me a sleepy kiss on the cheek and snuggled in for another few minutes of slumber. When she finally opened her eyes, she asked, “Is it my birthday today?” When I assured her it was, she was excited. I got the camera and took a birthday picture of her but of course she wanted to be silly.


We got up and put on the birthday outfit her mommy had packed for her to wear. On the way upstairs she did a few boxing moves on Toni’s boxing bag.

Two… – knock out

When we got upstairs, there was a little birthday cake with candles and a present with a surprise egg waiting for her on the table and Toni and Elisabeth were waiting around the corner to snap a picture.

Rilyn was partially surprised and partially shy. We sang happy birthday to her and then she had some of her cake and her egg, which contained a mini puzzle. She got a farm coloring book from Toni and Elisabeth.

Birthday girl

Lighting the candles

It was a beautiful day and we just hung out around the house and back yard. She went fishing again with Toni and even Elisabeth went with her for a little bit.

Water play

Later she helped her water the plants around the yard. She discovered that they were getting their water in a big tub they placed by the downspout and it collected rainwater. When she opened the lid, the water inside was screaming her name to come and play in it and of course she couldn’t resist.

Toward the evening we drove to a nearby little town to pick up some centerpiece flowers for the tables and drove up to the restaurant where the wedding would take place tomorrow.

View from the restaurant

Wedding party cabin

Main restaurant

Since it was such a beautiful day and tomorrow would not be, we took advantage of it and took lots of pictures.

Curious toddler

Safer distance

Then we went to pet the cows in the pasture. As soon as we got there, a young calf caught sight of us and marched energetically down the little hill straight toward us. When she got just a few feet away from us, she stopped and took another look at us as if contemplating whether we were worthy all this excitement. After a few seconds she came RIGHT up to us and started licking me anywhere she could. I love cows, but let me put it this way, they are much like a St. Bernard when it comes to licking you – one big slobbery mess. Rilyn and I reached out to pet the imposing creature, but when she tried to be all friendly and invaded Rilyn’s personal space, Rilyn retreated and tried to hide behind me. Little Betty kept on trying to make friends and her antics encouraged two of her classmates to come over and join us. Rilyn figured the pasture was getting too small for them and us so someone had to go and she gladly proceeded to vacate the premised. I think she figured such large beasts are best admired from a distance. Most of the time such little herds are very tame and mostly just curious, but it’s still wise to exercise caution when near these animals. It was a really cool experience nevertheless.


On the lookout

Climbing over the top

While we were tending to the livestock, Toni and Elisabeth put some finishing touches on the decorations in the room and while they talked to some friends who came for the wedding, Rilyn and I went around the playground and tested the equipment.

Girl time

After we got back home, Elisabeth made dinner and later her and Rilyn painted their nails for the wedding. Perfect girl time and right up Rilyn’s alley. In just a little bit it was time to go to bed for a long day ahead tomorrow.

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Day 17 – hiking by the waterfalls

Today was a wonderful sunny day again and while Elisabeth had to go pick up her dress, we had a laid back breakfast on the back porch again.

Ready for our hike

After lunch Toni, Rilyn and I got ready to go hiking again. She was excited – she has gotten a taste of the mountains and loves to go up to the “Berge”. She’s certainly picking up some Germish and it’s too cute when she speaks half English and half German.

We decided to go to the waterfalls, which are just a short walking distance from their house. There are a lot of tourists in this area, so it’s nice that we get to enjoy such beautiful scenery for free each time we come to visit.

Braving the water with Toni

Big lower waterfalls

At first Rilyn had second thoughts about our hike, because we had to walk through a neighborhood first, but once it started to look more like country and we walked into the woods she perked up. When we came to the first big waterfall, she was a bit skeptical about getting closer to the water. It was big, kind of loud, cold and wet. Once Toni took her closer and she made sure nothing would happen to her, she was all about the water. She wanted to touch it and it was freezing. Then she wanted to touch it at a different place, as if she expected it to be a different temperature – it was still freezing.

Upper waterfalls

Hiking to the valley between the mountains

We were hoping that there would still be cows up where we were headed; most of the cows have already been herded back to the barns for the winter from the higher mountain pastures. When we got up to our destination, no cows 😦  They’ve taken them away already as well and we had trekked up there for no reason. Well, not for no reason – it was a nice hike and Rilyn really enjoyed running up and then back down the “Berg” (mountain).  And we were able to spend another gorgeous day in God’s backyard 🙂

Cow barrier – for real cows 🙂

Going up and down the trail we had to go through a narrow barrier erected in the midst of the path and flanked on each side by a wire fence. This ensures that any cows just randomly traveling along the path will not be able to just cross into tourist territory and follow them all the way down into the village. Sometimes cows here are kind of family pets, but the unsuspecting tourist might not take too fondly to such large beasts.

Chucking rocks

Getting wet

When we got to a clearing with the creek running through the pasture, Rilyn sighted a large rock again and climbed up holding a thin belt she had brought along and pretended to be fishing. Then she moved to the creek and decided many of the rocks lying around ought to be relocated – into the creek. She had fun tossing one after another into the water and later up the hill even started throwing rocks toward me just so I’d get wet. Finally I retaliated and threw it just so perfectly that both her and Toni got a mini shower. That was the end of the rock-throwing contest. She even willingly put on her jacket, since it had gotten quite cold earlier but now she was really cold 🙂

Special memories together

When we got back home, she figured she still needed to catch some fish with a stick from the woods she traded for her belt – a bit sturdier. There’s a little creek bordering Toni’s property, so he took her there to try her luck at fishing. According to her report, she caught a whole big bucket full of fish – in a creek with no fish. Well, she certainly has a wonderful imagination and can spin some tall tales with it.

Fishing in the backyard

Time for bed because tomorrow will be a big day for our little princess…

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Day 16 – a rainy day

When we woke up this morning, it was raining and the mountains were hidden behind a thick blanket of fog. It had gotten much colder than yesterday.

Playing in the morning

After breakfast Rilyn colored and played with Elisabeth and after lunch we put on some warm clothes and drove up the mountain a little way to the restaurant where the wedding celebration will be.

Huge cow barns

Fog nestling in the valley

It’s an old farmhouse that accommodates hikers and hosts various parties. Visibility was minimal, but bells hanging from the cows’ necks drew our attention to the big animals grazing in the nearby fields. Even with the fog lingering in patches on the ground the landscape offered a beautiful sight. I pray that Saturday would be a sunny day, because the view into the valley and the mountains all the way around would add an amazing backdrop to the wedding.

We saw some chickens running around in the yard and we peeked into the large barn attached to the living quarters. The cows were outside in the pasture so it was empty.

Coffee and cake time

We got coffee and some fresh, homemade cake (coffee break is an afternoon custom in Germany just like tea time is in England) and Rilyn had some of her favorite cocoa. Pastries are much less sweet and rich in Germany than they are in America and even though Rilyn is not a big fan of cakes, she enjoyed a piece that she picked.

Cows walking down the road

Coming back down from the mountain we saw some cows walking down a little side road back to their barn. Rilyn’s reaction: “What-ah? That’s crazy!”

On the way home we stopped by the grocery store and then went home. Toni and Elisabeth were finalizing some things for their wedding while I made some homemade spaghetti – Rilyn’s favorite. For dessert Rilyn shared a plate full of grapes with Elisabeth and then played games with her that Elisabeth borrowed from their neighbors.

No pics, please 🙂

Spaghetti dinner

The weather’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so we’re hoping for another day on the mountain 🙂

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Day 15 – hiking on the mountain

Window view

Backyard view

Toni and Elisabeth had an appointment this morning so Rilyn and I had breakfast together outside on the back porch. They live between two huge mountain and when they look out their dining room window, this is what they see –

The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we were looking forward to a day on the mountain – well, I was. Rilyn, not the most enthusiastic hiker, was just coming along for the experience, since she really didn’t have a choice 🙂 We had no idea what the day would reveal…

Going up the mountain

Cable car station

We left a little after noon and drove about 5-10 minutes to another nearby lake – Spitzingsee. We parked the car and took a cable car to half-way up the mountain. From there we hiked at least a fourth to a third up the remainder of the mountain – with Rilyn VOLUNTARILY leading the way alone or with my brother holding her hand when it was difficult!

It was a spectacular experience and with each new turn we were rewarded with another breathtaking view of the mountains close by and in the distance. I love this part of the country so much! I believe this is where God was showing off a bit 🙂 I can always feel His presence in the midst of such beauty. I have taken over 140 pictures and videos – way too many to post here, so I will attempt to post some as a separate album on Facebook.

Climbing to the top

Cross at the top of a ridge

One particular section of our trip was especially adventurous. Rilyn decided we needed to climb to the top of a ridge that had a cross on it. So we did. It was a climb where you HAD to hold on with your hands in order to make it – it was steep and rugged – but it was definitely fun. Rilyn didn’t really seem too worried and loved the view from the very tip of the mountain. I will not go into details, but it was certainly a place to watch your step.

Way in the distance we could see the Alps with the snow-capped mountains. It got pretty crowded while we were up there, but we did get a few nice pictures. Even two humongous black crows seemed to enjoy the serenity of the heights – until they got crowded out.

Sitting on the ridge

Climbing to the top

Crows enjoying the solitude

The climb back down was actually even a little trickier than going up, but uncle Toni bravely picked up Rilyn in his arm and carried her past the rough area until she couldn’t stand it any longer and had to get down again and do it herself.

We hiked some more, but eventually we decided to stop and enjoy the view for a little bit.

Alps in the background

Toni descending with Rilyn

On top of the “world”

Beautiful scenery

Then we decided to turn around before the night would catch up with us on the way back. Plus we were getting kind of hungry from all the climbing.

Along the way Rilyn spotted another boulder that someone was standing on and she took it as an invitation for us to follow suit. She was gracious enough to let them get down first since there was only limited space – or to be able to claim the space for herself 🙂 She hadn’t planned on how to get on top of it before deciding to do so, and really the only way to do that was for someone to get to the top first and heave her up. So Toni got on top and I handed her up to him, then climbed up after them. Before I did, Rilyn so enjoyed the height, she performed “Ring around the rosies” dance with Toni in tow, who was all the while making sure they didn’t slip into one of the crevices inside the rock (not really wide enough to fall inside, but enough to twist an ankle and make it very challenging to complete the rest of the trip).

Getting back down

On top of the boulder

When we got back to the restaurant where we arrived with the cable car, we took a break to re-charge with some French fries and cake (awesome combination, but at least we didn’t feel TOO guilty after such a power march). Rilyn got to play on the playground for a little bit and then we took the last ride back down before we’d have to hike down again. We figured we had done enough to promote good health for the day, so we decided to take the “high road”.

Time for a snack

Having fun swinging

We got back into the car and drove home. Elisabeth took a nap – Rilyn didn’t. In the evening Elisabeth cooked dinner and Rilyn helped while Toni went to his martial arts training. We ate dinner and then we looked at pictures from our hike today. Rilyn grabbed the camera and wanted us to make some silly faces. We complied. I don’t know whether she attempted to make a silly face too, but I can’t shake the feeling that she was finally running out of energy…

A look of total exhaustion

Silly faces

After Toni came back, it was time for everyone to get ready for bed after a long, hard, but fun and BEAUTIFUL day.

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Day 14 – taking the train to visit Toni and Elisabeth

Rilyn woke up early, even though she fell asleep late last night. After showers and breakfast, we made sure we had everything ready for our big train ride to my brother’s house. My sister picked us up around 11 and we got to Stuttgart with thankfully no traffic jams.

Our train to Munich

Train station in Stuttgart

There were a lot of trains in the train station. Our train arrived a little while after we got there and after Evi helped us load our stuff inside the train, we were off on our adventure. Rilyn was surprised there were no seat belts on the trains – I suppose that’s a good thing meaning that she’s a conscientious seatbelt wearer. In the past she has always beat the car’s seatbelt alarm by reminding her parents to buckle up 🙂

“I can’t; I gotta focus!”

It’s fun riding a train

She spent the time coloring and watching her movies. I tried to get her attention to take a picture while she was coloring and she turned around in exasperation and said, “I can’; I gotta focus!” 🙂 It was nice to just sit there and relax while the train took us to our destination.  Rilyn did comment that she liked train rides better than plane rides, since the plane always takes off and lands – apparently not her favorite part.

Looking for the mountains

BOB – our new train in Munich arriving

We did have to switch trains in Munich, which was one CRAZY train station. There were millions of people and everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get nowhere. Some people were flat-out rude. When we were on our second train, I told Rilyn we’d be seeing big mountains pretty soon so she kept on looking for them. They actually didn’t show up until we were almost there, but it was a good way to keep her busy – for a while at least. She got a little bored toward the end of the trip so we took some silly pictures.

Passing the mountain lake

Silly pictures

Right after we rounded a big clear mountain lake we were there. Upon arrival, Toni and Elisabeth picked us up and at first Rilyn was a bit shy with them. When we got to their house and Toni started playing ball with her, she opened up and they couldn’t get rid of her 🙂 They played ball, play dough and colored, and later she helped Toni make a pizza while Elisabeth went to a meeting.

Play dough time

Playing ball with Toni

After dinner we just hung out by the fire that Toni started in their wood stove while she looked on. Weather here is still fairly warm, but in the evening temperature drops rapidly. It was nice to finally be here and I was looking forward to tomorrow, for we’d be going on a hike on the mountain. Yes!

Perfect team

Making a fire

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Day 13 – a long walk and a visit from my friend

Delicious lunch

Today was a beautiful fall day! On Sundays my mom usually cooks lunch and my sister comes up to eat with us (she lives one floor below my mom). Again, Rilyn ate very well – rice and hamburger meat with sauce. She even had seconds!

Playing cards with money – not FOR money

After lunch we played “cards” with Rilyn’s money. She told me to put down a bill and when she put down hers, I had to say, “Grrr” (like you’re getting upset). Then we switched 🙂

After this friendly game we all went for a LONG walk – no stroller! And Rilyn walked all by herself without whining and wanting to be carried. I was so proud of her. We walked through some fields close by and along paddocks with horses inside.

Making friends

Headed on a walk around the fields

We’d stop and pet them if they were close enough to reach.

Now we walk back

Tree loaded with apples

We saw some trees loaded up with apples and a walnut tree. We had walked from the first high-rise building in the distance and all the way back again.

When we came back to the house, Rilyn and I stopped by the playground for a little bit. She’d climb up to a slide, and then she’d slide down between my legs as I’d stand at the bottom on top of it – just to do something different 🙂

Having fun swinging

Different perspective

She’d swing and then she’d play in the sand digging holes. Just then my sister called me and we went upstairs. My friend from yesterday was on the way to visit and I also had to book our ticket for tomorrow’s train ride to my brother’s.

At 5:30 pm I signed in to the Grace online campus and watched the service. It made me really miss Grace and everyone. It was a really cool experience and I think it’s an awesome opportunity to reach out to and serve the public.

Reunion with my friend

When my friend came, it was time for coffee and cake, which my mom pulled out fresh from the oven. My friend even brought Rilyn some candy and more money. This girl’s going to have more money than the bank pretty soon 🙂 But we’ll probably get to go shopping some more, so she may be able to spend it – she’s always looking for something to buy for her mommy 🙂 No nap definitely makes for a long day, so it was bedtime and then I packed our things for the trip tomorrow. Looking forward to our new adventure and our final week here. Heading to Bavaria – my favorite place in Germany 🙂

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Day 12 – getting keepsakes and returning car

In the morning we had breakfast (cereal and grapes for Rilyn) 🙂 and then we drove over to my grandma’s house. It is strange being over there and not seeing her there, too. My mom and my aunt will have to sell the apartment since my grandma won’t be coming back here anymore, but first they will have to sort through and get rid of a lot of stuff that my grandma accumulated through the years. She has been master of frugality – saving EVERYTHING! I know now why I want to hold on to things “just in case” 🙂

Picture I made for my grandma

My mom and aunt wanted me to be able to see if there was anything that I wanted to keep before they gave away the rest. Thankfully (I guess) I live so far away that I can’t just take anything I might be able to use, because there are still a lot of usable things in her apartment, so I only took a few useful things and some sentimental ones. I had to be really selective and keep reminding myself that I do not live here, therefore I can’t take everything I might want to take. One of the most sentimental items, I believe, is a frame with a picture I had embroidered for my grandma after I got out of high school. Both my mom and my aunt wanted me to have it, since it’s something I made especially for her so now it can remind me of her. I’m glad it turned out so good, because I’d sure hate to be looking at an ugly picture hanging on my wall now 🙂

Finally something she likes

After we were done we stopped by the store and got some groceries – and some German and Swiss chocolate for someone claiming that American chocolate is the best. Sorry to bust your bubble, but prepare to be amazed 🙂

Rilyn tried some real German food this time – Fleischkäse Brötchen, for those who know what it is – and she actually liked it! Just to be sure she was not going to starve today, we did also get a rotisserie chicken, which we shared for dinner. No complaints there 🙂

As we were leaving the parking lot at the store, my mom happened to see one of my old schoolmates (old as in “former” – not as in “old lady” – well, I guess it has been a couple of years since we graduated…) I made another round in the parking lot to backtrack to where she was and surprised her. And surprised she was – we talked for a little bit and then went home to return the rental car. In the evening we did some puzzles with Rilyn and later talked to the girls, mommy and daddy – well, mostly me; Rilyn is definitely not a phone person. I’m not either, but she makes me look talkative. I am so thankful for modern technology and how easy (and cheap/free) it is to keep in touch nowadays. It is always so nice to hear from family 🙂

After our nightly routine, I had time to catch up on some work and a little bit of correspondence. 10 more days left before we go back home 🙂

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Day 11 – Michi came to visit

Just a chill day today. After breakfast Rilyn was playing and I wired myself to the internet to catch up on posting all the blog updates. Thankfully I have been keeping up with the writing part, so today all I had to do was add pictures and make sure it does what I wanted it to do. Thankfully it wasn’t as big a battle as last night trying to post one single blog.

My mom caught up on her (and our) laundry and since the weather was so nice she was able to hang it all outside on the balcony. I love the smell of laundry hung outside to dry. She also made one of my favorite meals (as a kid especially), and of course Rilyn didn’t share my enthusiasm. I made her eat enough to give me the assurance that she would not waste away from malnutrition, then let her go and play again.

Our long-time family friend Michi came to visit in the evening. She lives in Munich and happened to have a family reunion close by here where she used to live. Rilyn took to her quite well, but then again, she was all my girls’ favorite “aunt” from the beginning. 🙂 Rilyn played with her some and even performed a ballet for her. I love when she comes to visit – she’s such a friendly and welcoming person and always seems to have a smile on her face.

When she left it was time for dinner, get ready for bed and story time. After prayers Rilyn wanted to finish her movie, but not too long after she called me and said that her iPod ran out of battery. I told her that this just meant that it was too tired, too, so it was time to sleep. We snuggled for a little bit and not long after she was asleep. I tried to catch up on some work and correspondence. We have not even taken any pictures today, but there’ll be more next time.

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Day 10 – going back to Germany

This morning I got up even before my mom, which is pretty unusual. It’s impossible to beat my aunt – she gets up between 4 and 5 AM many a morning and has her house cleaned or lunch/dinner started by the time the chickens realize they overslept.

We had breakfast and finished packing our things. After we loaded up our stuff, we went to fill up the car. I understand gas IS getting really expensive and paying close to $4 seems pretty outrageous – and I think it is, especially considering that supposedly we could use our own oil and have much cheaper gas. But next time you gas up, consider this:


We paid 1, 778 Czech Koruna’s for 44.12 L of gas. This equals to about 71 Euros for about 11.65 gallons of gas = $7.90 per gallon of gas at the present time in Czech Republic. Germany has a going rate of about 1.72 Euros/L = $8.47/gallon. I may just do a Hallelujah Shuffle around the gas pump next time I’m back home and my car asks for a refill 🙂

One last picture

As we were crossing the border to Germany (as we have been doing every day), I asked my mom to take a picture of us to commemorate Rilyn’s visit to her second foreign country in a week. She may not remember everything we did while here together, but at least the pictures should help to refresh her memory later in the future.

VIP entry only for those who fit

Little sink just her size

We were off on another trip of about 5 hour – Rilyn being a pro on rides of such length – her nomadic life style going between KY and TN has done much to condition her for such long journeys. We made a stop at a rest area to take a potty break, get some coffee and let Rilyn play at the playground for a little bit. The bathroom was a new experience for Rilyn, because as a little “customer” she got to go through the “VIP” entrance and didn’t have to pay admission. We big people of course have to pay to use the bathroom – a very annoying custom here. But at least the bathrooms were clean – especially our toilet, because each time you press a button, the toilet seat starts to spin and an attachment comes out from the wall wiping it clean. I believe Rilyn wiped out every single bacteria, because she made it go around at least 3-4 times. Then she was excited that they also had a child-size sink for her to use so all in all an awesome experience for her 🙂 Before we left Rilyn got to play on the playground a little and we were back on the road again. She was busy coloring, watching movies and listening to music on her iPod. A good portion of the trip she even slept and arrived back home well rested.

Ready to go



The rest of the evening was spent unpacking and getting situated, dinner, playing and a bath. Prayers were said and Rilyn watched more of her movie while I was fighting with WordPress and my OCD-ness trying to post one of the blogs I was not able to publish while we were gone and I had only very limited internet. It would always re-position the pictures and it was NOT the way I wanted it. If by this time all the blogs are up and running I will have considered it a huge success.

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